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I graduated from Elon University’s Interactive Media (iMedia) Master of Arts program in May 2017. It was a 10 month program dedicated to designing and producing media for use on interactive platforms. I am also enrolled in Elon’s MBA program. I began the MA program hoping to learn technical skills that would help me to find a career that I love.

When the program began, I hoped to become a designer and wanted to work on marketing campaigns. I wanted to be able to incorporate the marketing management that I am learning in the Master of Business Administration program. After the first week of the iMedia program, I abandoned this idea, not because I didn’t like it, but because I fell in love with something else. Code.

Coding fascinates me. I love being able to create something from nothing. I can take seemingly random letters and numbers and create beauty. I pushed myself. I spent hours outside of the classroom moving divs by pixels.

I want to combine code with business. I want to help companies make the most efficient websites and bring their online presence to the forefront. This site is dedicated to the work I have done this past year.

Take the journey and contact me with any questions!

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